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The SOLO Candle (6 oz)

The SOLO Candle (6 oz)


Explore the essence of our scented soy candles, carefully crafted in our home studio in Aruba. From handcrafting the concrete vessel to the pouring of coconut soy wax, each step is carried out with manual precision, great care, and love.


Introducing our SOLO candle (6 oz), the perfect companion. Its crackling wooden wick ensures your space is filled with the delightful fragrance of your choice, creating a cozy ambiance. Packaged in a wooden box, it will add a touch of luxury to any environment.



And the best part: our concrete candle vessels are designed and handcrafted to be re-used post burn. Transform them into planters or let you imagination guide their next purpose!  

  • Candle info:

    • 6 oz
    • Premium coconut soy wax (vegan and non-toxic)
    • Crackling wooden wicks
    • 30-45 hours of burn time
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